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Disabling Wealth Transferring Due to Dupe

Update (3/04/2022):
Servers are coming offline February 4th at 4pm PST to apply the fix to the duplication issue. The servers are estimated to be offline for about 2 hours. The fix for the duplication will be added with this patch. Trading of wealth will be enabled again! Smelting aptitude chests will be fixed along with a server crash that was introduced with the 1.4 patch.

Original Story:
All wealth transfers have been stopped until Amazon Games fixes the newly discovered item dupe on live servers. This means we will be unable to trade, buy, or sell items as the gold we have is locked. Once the item duplication has been resolved and Amazon Games places the fix on Live servers we will then have the wealth functionally back. News of this can be found on the official forums

Amazon Games will be taking actions against players who are found using this exploit.

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