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New World Developer Update February Edition

The PlayNewWorld Youtube channel released the Feburary Developer Update for New World Today. They have 6 major talking points. Below is a recap of information they've provided in the video in text format:

Reducing Friction
Amazon Games is aware that the game isn't the game that the players want currently and want to change the game to be more of what the players want. They wanted to let the communites know that this game was first starated as a survial crafting game and changed over the course of the years into what we have today. They will be looking over the game as a whole starting from the beech all the way to mutation 10 for things to change and improve for the players so they can have the freedom to do what they want in game.

Some Future Changes on the Radar: 
  • Improving Fast Travel (Reduced Cost and Shorter House Cooldowns)
  • Trading Post Improvements
  • Territory Mechanic Changes

Things may not happen over night and take some time to change, such as the Trading Post Improvements, but Amazon Games wants to let us know they hear us and will be doing their best to make these changes without introducing new bugs to the game in the process going forward.

February Update
The focus for the upcoming February update are the bugs. As Katy Kaszynki called it the "Bugs, Bots, Balance Update". The focus isn't on adding new content to the game for players to experience, but to improve upon currently systems in place. From the bug fixes, bot prevention and spamming, and balancing game mechanics for an enjoyable playing experience. They started a "Bot Bashing" system. As part of this system you may now start seeing more people in game with [GM] tag.


This patch should fix over 1000 bugs. They were categories as 700 defect bugs, 225 improvement bugs, 50 pre-launch bugs, and 350 minor bugs. Some of the listed bugs included; trophies not working after a server merge, VOIP chat not working properly, and camp stacking. The oldest bug from alpha that was fixed was the "Replace Me" image text that would occur after a server restart and going into a war. Amazon Games still knows there are many more bugs to fix and they will continue working on them. They plan to do another huge bug-fix update in the future to help improve the game's quality, but not likely to be next month as they would like to try and push new content then. (Its a balancing act)

Quality of Life (QoL) changes are planned for this update to help both new and older players. Adding more ways for players to earn expertise bumps by adding more Gypsum and Umbra Shards into the game. This way you can earn more progression towards your goals while playing the game. Outpush Rush will be getting a rewards buff (Umbra Shards and a greater chance of an expertise bump). The PTR patch notes have some specific information about this, but might be everything for the release when it happens (They are still considering different aspects). They want to help both the general player-base and the hardcore player-base with these QoL changes. Logging and Fishing experience buff (takes less experience to level them).

One of the aspects Amazon Games is trying to balance out is the challenging and fun parts of the game. As part of this they've locked the Mutation Orbs behind the 7 day faction purchase and crafting. This is to prevent players from reaching the 625 expertise overnight so-to-speak. With the content being out for a while now it will be changed to a 3 day cooldown. Additionally as previously mentioned, more Gypsum and Umbra Shards for players. They plan to continue doing their best balancing the fun and challenging aspects of the game.

Player Feedback
360,000 individual entries in game and over 1 million forums posts for feedback. Amazon Games thanks the players for the amazing feedback they have been providing  them with and the amount of details that is going into the feedback.  Amazon Game's QA team created an AI tool, "Player Insights", that assists them in finding the most common feedback on the forums. As part of the tool's abilities it can translate many different languages so it can cover every country's feedback. When you do an in-game feedback, your player location is tracked as part of the report so it is ideal to report the issue at the location when possible. Reporting at the location helps Amazon Game's track the problem faster when it is occurring at a specific location (This includes bots).

Server Merging and Transferring
Amazon Games recapped the information about the Server Merging and the second server token. Additionally they will continue to monitor the servers and mark or unmark servers as full to prevent players from transferring over to those servers to help with balance/health. There are no more planned server mergers. They suggest using the forums to help players figure out what new world to transfer to if you are planning on transferring your character. Ideally you want to join a server that is the best fit for you and not take shots in the dark. (They are aware of Role Player servers!)

Combat & Modes
Currently the movement in game is a bit "clunky" according to just about everyone. Amazon Games wants to have players move around more freely and less restrictive than it currently is. With the February update they plan to change this chunkiness and make things feel a lot more smooth. The jump animations were improved to keep you moving after falling. Melee weapons used to have a 1 second slow down after attacking that has been removed. Weapon switching will be improved, but it still isn't 100% to where they want it. When you want to switch weapons and you press the keys to do so, it will queue up the action to make sure you do swap weapons.

Outpush Rush. Updated the scoring system based upon the PTR. Amazon Games agrees that they were a bit harsh with the last update to OPR's scoring system and it was initially designed to combat bots and afk players. Faction Tokens will be coming from OPR chests. Gypsum Orbs can be bought with Faction Tokens as well.

Rapier and Void Gauntlet are Overpowered according to the player feedback. Amazon Games said that the Rapier was just too defensive to the point it wasn't fun to play against a player with it so they've updated the cooldowns on some of the abilities on it. The Void Gauntlet had some minor changes with it as well. The most notable thing they wanted to mention is that some of the bug fixes that will be in the game will also help with some of the ballancing of the weapons. The ballancing act for all the weapons is a never ending process and they will keep doing their best to keep things balanced.

State of the Economy
Amazon Games believes that the gold economy in game currently is at a healthy state. There is more gold coming into the world than leaving a world. They've introduced more gold making methods to the game to help with this. They did want to remind players that the first 3 daily faction missions give extra rewards  including gold! They plan to help all players with the housing taxes by adjusting them some more. The question came up "Is Amazon Games introducing too much gold into the game?" They feel that it isn't too much right now and inflation shouldn't be too large at this point. They feel that things are resolving the way they want. They are following a change and measure approach. Based upon this approach things are going in a positive direction.

They are aware that the owners of Everfall and Windsward are massing a lot of money be owning their territories for long periods of time, but haven't come to a solid solution to the problem as of yet. Amazon Games stated that the defenders are at an 80% win ratio and know they this is unhealthy for the game, so they plan to look at that in the shorter run of things to get that changed and go from there. Having the town circulate more often as a temperarry fix while they look deeper at the problem will be the short term goal for now.

Community Questions

Luck, what is it?
2 General types of luck. Global Luck and Gathering Luck. General luck applies to killing monsters and opening chests. Gathering Luck is tied to gathering trade skills. General Luck stacks. Having more General Luck raises the floor value in the range. General Luck doesn't increase the chances of getting loot in game, it just increases the chances of obtaining a named item when you obtain loot. Amazon Games controls the drop chances of items and General Luck doesn't affect this. Named Monsters/Bosses will drop better gear for you if you have better General Luck, this includes expedition bosses. PvP Flagged increases both your General Luck and Gathering Luck, more so for the Gathering Luck. Luck doesn't increase the chance of rarity. Luck doesn't affect crafting, there are separate systems in place for crafting.

Game Stats; Give us some! Hatchet is the most used weapon. Void Gauntlet seems to be the the slowly rising contender for most popular weapon after the hatchet. Musket is the least used weapon. Musket definitely has a place in the Wars though! 

Gear Management; Looking at Gearset storages. Its on the table, but will be a few months out before they can get it into the game. The idea is to have the ability to quickly change between sets of gear quickly. Keep your eyes and ears open for more information about this in the future!

Story Line
Amazon Games is still improving upon their tools and systems in game to help improve the story. As it stands right now The Tempest, Isabella, is the main villain to this story and is the champion of corruption. We are currently heading to the climax of this story. Expect to see some NPCs that helped you fight the Corruption as this story arc comes to an end. Afterwards the game will be focusing more on the mysteries of the island. Expect to see different expressions of Corruption throughout the game.

The Future
A Roadmap will be coming in the next, March, Developer Update! The March update will be the "Final stamp on the story" - Scott Lane. Look forward to seeing future content! 

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