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Developer Blog: Luck FAQ

Hello Adventurers,
Today has been an amazing day for the community. From the recently new Developer Video to this Developer Blog: Luck

Luck is a very touchy topic for the community, so we will avoid paraphrasing or anything of that nature. Below are some of the questions in the Luck FAQ, that said, if you are interested we strongly suggest you take a look at the blog post to find the answers!

  • What is Global Luck?
  • What is Gathering Luck?
  • Does Luck Stack?
  • Why is luck valuable when killing mobs? Named/Bosses?
  • What is a Named item?
  • Does PVP mode enabled Luck give you better chances to get rare items and artifacts?
  • How does Luck impact my ability to get Legendary items?
  • How does Luck affect my ability to earn Trophy Materials?
  • Do clothing, weapons, and jewelry with the Luck parameter affect the receipt of rare items and artifacts from Named monsters? Example: the last boss in the Malevolence POI.
  • Is the luck stat on shield working as expected when looting chests?
  • Are pearls working as expected?
  • Does too much luck create luck dead zones?
  • Is there a luck “sweet spot” that is required to acquire certain items?
  • What does Luck Safe mean?
  • Is there a rest bonus or other type of variable being added to luck rolls based on time between or amount of rolls?
  • Is there a known issue with the luck perk losing effectiveness after death?
  • Does Luck affect how I get gold and azoth from any given kill?
  • Does Luck increase my chance to get a specific item?
  • Does Luck affect the gear score of an item?

Once again; if any of the questions sound interesting to you, head over to the official blog post and see what they have to say about it! 
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