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Dev Blog: Combat Responsiveness

The most recent dev blog addresses concerns around combat responsiveness, especially surrounding weapon swaps, dodge cancels and attack input windows. Tweaks to all of these will come over the next few updates. We'll also be seeing the first balance patch coming soon.

Hello Combat Fans,

Along with bug fixing/tuning and the planned changes for War/territory control the team is starting on some next steps for combat in New World. Our initial focus will be in weapon swapping, dodge cancels, and attack input windows.

We are currently working on weapon swap responsiveness and making sure that it is more consistent throughout all of our attacks, as we want swapping weapons to be an integral and fluid part of combat. There are many times that you think you’ve swapped weapons, but you end up attacking with the currently equipped weapon instead. We are working to fix these situations and expand when you are able to swap your weapon.

Along with weapon swap, we are looking into our dodge cancel windows and attack input timings during recoveries of all of our attacks. There are some inconsistencies that are not intended. For example, you are able to dodge cancel out of some recoveries, but not others, and you are able to perform heavy attacks out of the recoveries of some abilities but not all abilities. Our goal is to make sure there are consistent input windows between all weapons and abilities.

Weapon swaps, dodges, and attack inputs are a major part of our combat system and we want to make sure they feel fluid and responsive. We’ll be rolling these changes out over the next few releases, so please continue to provide feedback and we will continue to make improvements.

In addition to the changes to combat responsiveness, we’re planning on a balance update in a future patch to adjust a variety of abilities and tune some of the lesser-used abilities to make a wider selection of abilities more viable, to further improve combat in Aeternum. We don’t want to spoil too much from this update yet, but know it’s in the works and on its way.
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