New World Bow Patch Note Changelog

Below is a running list of changes for each patch for the Bow in New World. The most recent patch is listed first and then in descending order by date.

Winter Convergence Patch - December 16, 2021
  • Rain of Arrows:
    • Fixed an issue that allowed this skill to deal damage to targets through Fort Gates and War Camp gates.
    • The bleeding effect from Rain of Arrows can no longer be stacked by multiple players using the ability on the same target. This change was made to keep the ability consistent with other AoE skills that can be stacked on top of each other.
  • Penetrating Shot:
    • Blood Soaked Arrow: Fixed an issue that caused this upgrade to increased damage with each hit instead of after each hit.
  • Surprise Attack: Updated description of this passive ability to specify that its effect is per target.
  • Improved all Aim Down Sights transitions between abilities and primary shot. This also addresses an issue that prevented Penetrating Shot and Poison Shot from being canceled after exiting the shots.
  • Mark upgrade: Fixed an issue where the damage increase would not cap, it will now cap at 30% damage increase against enemy with debuff.

Into the Void Patch - November 18th, 2021
  • Bow Primary Attack
    • Fixed an issue that allowed consecutive primary attacks to be fired faster than intended.
  • Updated descriptions for Rain of Arrows, Poison Shot and Splinter Shot to indicate that they cannot headshot.
  • Fixed an issue with several Bow abilities not benefiting from increased damage from higher tier arrows.
  • Evade Shot
    • Go the Distance: This upgrade now applies haste at the end of the ability, rather than at the start, so that the buff duration is not partially lost during the skill animation.
  • Poison Shot
    • Reduced cooldown of Poison Shot from 35s to 30s.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Poison Shot to go on cooldown without the ability being fired.
  • Rapid Shot
    • Reduced cooldown from 20s to 14s.
    • Rapid Accuracy: Fixed an issue where this upgrade would not reduce the cooldown if the last arrow of Rapid Shot killed the enemy.
  • Rain of Arrows
    • Rain of Arrows no longer hits enemies through doors.
  • Passives
    • Fixed an issue where hip-firing with the bow was triggering the Heightened Precision passive from the Musket ability tree.

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