New World Blunderbuss Patch Note Changelog

Below is a running list of changes for each patch for all things relating to the Blunderbuss in New World. The most recent patch is listed first and then in descending order by date.

April Bugs and Balance Patch - April 25th, 2022
  • Fixed an occasional character stutter/desync when using the Blunderbuss "Blast Shot" ability.
  • Fixed an issue that caused ammo to be consumed incorrectly if the player was using primary fire and abilities at the same time.
  • Faction-issued Blunderbusses and the “Troublemaker” and “Troublemaker 9000” now have “Refreshing” instead, and “Pirate's Piece (T5)” now has “Vicious” instead.

Heart of Madness Patch - March 30th, 2022
  • Blunderbuss added to the game
  • The Blunderbuss is a ranged weapon that offers high-mobility coupled with potent close-to-mid range damage. It’s the first weapon to scale on strength and intelligence, making it a good companion for bruiser or mage builds.
  • Players can  progress through two weapon mastery trees, allowing the player to choose between two distinct playstyles.
    • The Containment tree is all about closing the gap and unloading hot lead into your enemy’s face.
    • Conversely, the Chaos tree focuses on keeping your distance and bombarding areas with explosive AoE damage.
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