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New World Beginners guide to Weapons Skill Trees

Updated as of the latest patch on 09/08/2021

In New World, Progression is linked to each unique weapon as opposed to a specific class.   If you want to level a certain Weapon Skill Tree in New World, you simply equip the weapon and go to work!  Here are some quick facts about Weapon Skill Tree's in New World.  

Max level for each weapon is 20, and you can max every weapon in the game. As you progress towards the max level of a weapon, you will earn you 19 points to apply between the weapons two skill trees.  During this progression, you will be forced to make choices as each weapon has 38 nodes between the two skill trees with Each tree having 19 nodes.  Its important to note that It takes 10 points to the open up the last node in the tree, only allowing you to access one of the end passives for each weapon.

Weapon Skill Trees are made up of both Passive and Active Skills.  All active skills progress linearly, meaning that if a node is connected by a line, it must have the proceeding node filled in before it will become available.  Passive skills open based off the total amount of points spent in that specific Skill Tree.  It is important to note, that points spent are isolated to that side of the skill tree (EX - points spend in the Berzerker Tree for the Hatchet, does not help you progress towards passives on the Throwing side).

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