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Battle for New World Results and New Twitch Drops Revealed!

Last week, New World released the results for the beta event, Battle for New World.   The Syndicate faction topped the leader boards and took home the top spot in the competition.  But, due to some errors in the scoring system, all participants will receive the rewards for the event.  The rewards include 100 copies of New World to give away to their communities AND each team will be able to collaborate with the New World development team to create a new Named Weapon that will drop in-game. 

On top of this, each of the Battle for New World participants will also be granted access to a unique Twitch Drop - the Vinespun Weapon Skin Set.   This drop will be available for 7 days after New World launches on the BFNW participant's streams!  Check out the image below for a first look at the Vinespun Weapon Skin Set
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