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April QoL PTR

Greetings Adventures,
April's PTR starts April 12th at 10am PDT (7PM UTC) to test out some QoL changes for New World. This month's PTR will be focused on Quality of Life, QoL, and bug-fixes. It would seem that Amazon Games did commit to the every-other-month fixes and QoL updates.

Here are some of the major links PTR players will need:

Additionally, Amazon Games will be hosing a PTR exclusive event that anyone can participate in. On Wednesday 5PM PDT (Thursday, 2AM UTC) the development team will be throwing Windward into conflict in preparation for War. Come join the PTR for a chance to play with us and the development team!

Keep in mind that these patch notes are subject to change and may not make it into the live version of the game. So, make sure to play on the PTR and provide feedback so we can get the game to where we the community want it! 
PTR Patch 1 Notes:

General Fixes

  • Fix buffer attack inputs that would not clear when weapon swapping at the end of an attack
  • Fix an issue where status effects could become permanently stuck when traversing across regional boundaries
  • Fix a slight stutter/desync when moving and casting spells
  • Fix an issue with Great Axe Weapon Perk "Insatiable Gravity Well" that causes inconsistent activation and no VFX
  • Fix a 1 second root to targets next to caster when perk Insatiable Gravity Well procs


  • Removing the Input Buffering when exiting ADS to avoid Hip Fire activation
  • Fix an issue where shooter stance camera could get stuck when jumping and activating the ability
  • Fix an issue where the musket Scent of Blood upgrade was applying to all roots
  • Fix an issue when using ADS and Shooter Stance can sometimes get the camera stuck in ADS and slow player movement
  • Fix an issue where the Keenly Jagged perk's bleed was able to trigger Evade’s passive Cresendo’s cooldown reduction
  • Fix an issue where the spear would become invisible if you were interrupted immediately after throwing it
Sword & Shield
  • Fix desync when swinging the camera quickly at the start of the Sword’s Whirling Blade ability

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