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April 1.4.3 Patch & Paid Transfers (Regional Included)

Greetings Adventurers
It is that time of the month where we get our big update. This month's theme is Quality of Life, QoL, and bug fixes. The patch will be coming on April 25th, 2022 at 5AM PT (8AM ET | 12PM UTC).  At which the servers will come offline for 2 hours to update all the servers. The best part of this update is that players will have access to Paid Server Transfers. There is a lot of information that comes with server transferring, so lets go over some of the major points.

Server Transfer Information
Below is a bit of information that applies to both Regional Transfers and Same Region Transfers:
  • There is only 1 server transfer token type (Meaning you can use your free ones to regional transfer)
  • You must use your free ones before you can purchase one
  • Paid Transfer Tokens costs $14.99;  other regions not on USD should have a comparable price in local currency
  • You can only server transfer once every 24 hours
  • You get to keep all the of the following:
    • All character progression (level, weapon mastery, titles, etc.).
    • Your Faction alliance and progress
    • Your inventory and storage.
    • All of your currency.
    • Your housing decorations.
    • All quest progress.

Server Transfer Major Differences (Regional vs. Same Region)
The most important thing to note between same region and different region transfers is the housing. If you stay on the same region then you can keep your housing. However, if you change regions then you will lose your housing. Meaning you will want to abandon them so you can get your 50% gold refunded. Additionally, it is possible to lose out on some of your housing decorations if you don't have enough storage to hold all your housing items. 

This next part can be a little confusing at first, so bear with me. If you decide to sever transfer to a new region, then you will be randomly put into a server in the new region of choice. After you arrive at your new server, you will have a free same-region server transfer token and you are then able to move to the server of choice. So, you may have to use two server transfer tokens to get onto the server you want when moving regions (You will only pay for one). But, you can be lucky and land on the server you want and have a free server transfer token afterwards.

If you still have questions or concerns, head over to Amazon's FAQ for Transfers

New World April Patch Notables
The patch notes for this April Patch can be found on Amazon's New World Website. We're not going to go over them all, however we will cover what we feel are some of the major points to this patch. For example; Tempest's Heart will now be part of the Expedition Mutation rotations!

Open World
  • Rafflebones will now only spawn ing level 66 in zones that reach 60+ to allow players to earn weapon drops that can be upgraded

Quality of Life Changes
  • When in a settlement and you open your map, it will auto zoom into the settlement you are in
  • Quest Icons on items will show if the quest is complete or still in-progress
  • Epic Named Items will show a 5th perk if they reach gear score 600 and become Legendary
    • The 5th perk will show as disabled; that is how you can determine the item can be upgrade into a Legendary
    • To avoid confusion/clarify; The item's attribute and socket are considered perks, so that's how you have the 5th perk for Legendaries
  • Right-clicking inventory items will no longer open the action menu
  • Lower level gathering tools have an increase to their gathering speeds
  • Crafting menus will display cooldown timers on recipes that have an active cooldown
  • Disabled the ability to drag items from storage onto equipment to prevent accidents
  • Achievements should no longer keep reappearing even though you've completed them 
  • Hotkeys added to the healing targeting system (Can now cast on target by pressing a button)
  • Tempest Keep Replica's can now be crafted 

Notable Fixes
  • Fixes to many expedition exploits and bugs; IE: Body blocking bosses to prevent phase transitions
  • Tempest Heart will now be dropping the proper gear
  • Fixes to the Great Axe desync when using the Reap ability
  • Fixes to player inventory, whereas a players were able to exceed the unique 500 inventory limit
  • Fixes to items not actively in use to show the proper total damage
  • Fixes to randomly deleted items when selecting to "Take All" from storage
  • And much more! (Over 1,500 bug fixes)

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