Amrine Excavation - Expedition Guide

The Amrine Excavation is a 5 man instanced PVE activity, designed for explorers who have reached level 25. The entrance to this expedition is located in Windsward. Once inside, clear the Lost and work your way out of a mine shaft. Here, you will drop down off a ledge. Head to the right and take down the Withered Nest at the back right of the room.  It will continue to spawn lost until you do.  Next, Clear the room after a couple waves of Lost mobs and open the door in the center of the room.

The Grand Traverse

Once through the door, clear the mobs to the lower left platform including a Lost Ravager.  Then head up the wooden ramp. Note the elevated stone platforms on the lower and upper platforms, you will use these later. Clear the Lost mobs on the upper platform (grab the lore page near the ramp that you came up on) then jump off the ledge ahead of you. There you will clear more Lost mobs, including another Lost Ravager. Down here, is the final (third) platform. Head through the door way in front of you.

Excavated Caverns

While running through the next hallway you will spot a stone with Azoth Script located on it. Behind this is another Withered Nest. Destroy the spawner then use the Azoth Staff to translate this stone to get the expedition quest update.

You will then continue to head down the pathway towards Broken Vestibule, where you will see another Withered Nest. Destroy it and clear the rest of the Lost, then head into the next room where you will find a sphere statue with an Ancient Azoth Seal.

Clear the room then use the Azoth Staff to break the seal. This will open the exit to the room and spawn in some Poltergeist, lost mobs and two Withered nests. Clear the Poltergeist and the nest, then any remaining mobs, then head back to the puzzle room. In the hallway back to the  you will reach your first respawn point.

The Grand Traverse - Platform Puzzle

Here is where the platform you saw before come into play. Three group members will need to each stand on a platform. This action forms the bridge to the next room and will spawn in more lost mobs including a Ravager and a Plaguegeist. Once cleared, head across the bridge to fight another Ravager and a few Lost.
Star Shrine

In the hallway make sure to stop at Foreman Nakashimas tool box and pick up the Hollowed Candle, you will need it to summon the first boss! Then head into the next room and start clearing the Lost mobs including a Plaguegeist and yet another Ravager. You are now ready to begin the First boss Fight. Place the Hallowed Candle on the Spectral Shrine to summon Foreman Nakshima.

Boss - Foreman Nakashima (Void Poltergeist)
Foreman Nakashima has two main mechanics players need to be aware of.
- Spectral Waves - Nakashima spawns Walls of Spectral images with gaps in them, players must be outside the waves or dodge into gaps to avoid damage.
- Slow Circle - Nakashima targets a random player with a purple AOE that causes reduction in movement speed, leaving players vulnerable to Spectral Waves. If the player tries to leave the circle and touches the white edge, they will be stunned. 

These two mechanics can combine for some deadly damage. Make sure you are aware of your positioning and if targeted, stay inside the circle and try to avoid the Spectral Waves. You can try to jump or dodge out of the circle but this will most likely lead to you being stunned, so it's easier to try to survive inside.

Once Nakashima is dead, collect your loot (and the lore page behind you) and head to the hallway to your right. There you will find - you guessed it - more Lost and another Withered Nest. Clear the room and move to the next respawn point and open the door (using the Azoth staff) to reach the final room in the expedition.

Obelisk Cavern

Here you will see the final boss, Simon Grey, surrounded in a Void Sphere, and a few more Lost. Clear the Lost and walk up to the sphere to begin the final fight.

Boss - Simon Grey
Corrupted Vomit - Boss vomits AOE poison onto near by players
Charge - Simon Charges a near by player knocking them down
Simon Grey also continues to spawn in waves of three Lost Excavation workers.  These Workers can drink the Vomit of Simon Grey and become corrupted.

Keep the Adds under control and avoid Simon's attacks to defeat Simon Grey and complete the Amrine Excavation

-- redbyrd