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AGS Announces their Public Test Realm (and info on the next upcoming patch)

Amazon Games is releasing a Public Test server for upcoming content before it hits live servers. The idea is to help with removing bugs and catching issues that Amazons QA may miss. This Test Server Environment is being dubbed their 'Public Test Realm' and will be available to download and install later tonight. As what should be obvious the content on the PTR (Public Test Realm) should not be in any way considered final or end state.

The Public Test Realm content should be live on the PTR November 10th around 12pm Pacific Time (7pm UTC). There will be a US East and EU server available for testing new content. Players trying out new content as well will have the opportunity to instant level to specific level-ranges and be outfitted with appropriate gear and items for testing. This is great for laser focusing testing efficiency for the right parts of the game that need testing. Not only that but there is a specific part of the forums for bugs, issues and discussions regarding PTR content. At the end of the testing period the PTR environments will be wiped ready for the next set of changes to come.

Now... onto the content that will be in the first PTR environment:

New Weapon! the Void Gauntlet!
The Void Gauntlet is the first naturally set Intelligence/Focus attribute hybrid weapon that has two trees that focus one side on close range DPS using a magical void blade and the Decay tree that focuses on ranged heals and debuffs that eat away at the enemies ability to maintain a defensive posture. The will also be a new Legendary Quest for the Void Gauntlet!

New Mobs, Mob types and Quests!
New enemies called the Varangians are scouting southern regions of Eternum, new quests to explore the lore surrounding these enemies are also available as well as some expansion in current enemy types are also inclusive of these changes

New PVP Missions
Amazon Games wants to make PVP Missions more varied and less frustrating. Dying whilst having active PVP quests wont auto cancel those quests but just reset them, meaning you wont need to cycle round to your faction rep to grab those quests, but just grab what u need and head out to pvp some more! As for the activities you do there's some new interesting avenues there including:
  • Control Points - capturing forts.
  • Intercept - a seek and destroy mission against  a specific PVP flagged player.
  • War Camp Loot - grabbing enemy Intelligence from the War Camp in the territory.

Alongside all of this the changes to the Trading Post will be implemented on the PTR relating to linking all markets and allowing you to purchase remotely and utilize the taxation from your location as opposed to the location the item is listed at. a VERY important thing to help spread the love of tax income beyond the market hubs of Everfall and Windsward.

As always bear in mind these are all on the PTR and can be subject to change!
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