New World Equipment & Consumables

Weapons and Armors

Weapons and Armor can be obtained from both player crafting and drops while exploring Aeternum.  Weapons and Armor (along with all other equipment and consumables) come in 5 tiers with varying Item Levels and Rarity.  Item Levels Vary between different pieces of gear between the parameters of whatever . 0 perks for common, 1 perk for uncommon, 2 perks for rare, and 3 perks for Epic and Legendary Gear.  Where most gear comes with random rolls of perks and item levels, Legendary Items have Static Perks and max item level for that tier. There are legendary items in each Tier, Legendary Items are most often found in the most difficult content that new world has to offer.

Perks on pieces of Gear Vary from Type to Type.  Weapon perks may add additional base damage, damage towards a specific type of Creature or even an elemental type of damage to your Weapon. On the other hand, armor perks can increase your defense against different types of damage, allow you to carry more weight, and even reduce the equipped weight of the armor piece itself. Armor weight becomes an important part of your character build as it changes the way your character moves in combat. There are three divisions of weight/movement.

  • Light weight/fast movement – allows you to dodge roll quickly and typically provides you with high amounts of elemental damage. You can even wear medium and heavy pieces of gear with the “lightweight” trait on them to help get your character within this weight bracket while increasing their physical resistance.
  • Medium weight/Regular Movement – Usually allows a good balance of both physical and elemental resistance with some sacrifice to mobility
  • Heavy Weight/Heavy Mobility – Provides you with The most amount of Physical resistance available while making a significant sacrifice to your mobility

The Last Thing that Separates a Piece of gear from others it whether it has a gem slot or not. Gems are Cut by the Jewel Crafting Profession and Can be Applied to items to provide a buff to your Characters Primary Attributes (STR, AGI, INT, FOCUS, CON).

Jewelry and Bags

Just like Weapons and Armor, Jewelry also comes with perks according to their rarity and quality.  The Types of Jewelry in New World include necklaces, earrings, and rings.    Like Gems, Jewelry Provides increases to your Characters Core Attributes.   

Bags are items that you can equip to your character that will help you increase your character’s Max Carrying weight. Some bags Allow you to sacrifice your characters mobility to increase the amount of Weight you can Carry


Consumables are Usually the most Profitable items to Craft in an MMO. Whether you Like Cooking up a nice steak or Brewing a Stack of Potions, New World has you covered.  Amazon recently previewed the different types of Consumables in New World, and it seems they will be pushing having a unique type of consumable for every Activity in the game.  There are 3 Types of Consumables in New World: Food, Potions, and Tinctures. Here Are Some of the Different Kinds of Each Type of Consumable you’ll find in New World when Beta Launches on July 23rd. Like Most Items within New World that We’ve Seen, Consumables Come in 5 different Tiers. 

  • FOOD  - An Important Thing To Note about Food In New World, Is that it is the main way to obtain Health Regeneration in the World Of Aeternum. Eating Food Will give you an Initial Boost of Healing Along with a 20 minute buff that gives you slow, passive Health Regeneration as well as a boost to your overall Constitution (Max Health). 

  • POTION -  There are many Types of Potions In New World. They have your classic Health and Mana Regeneration potions, as well as Potions that relieve your classic MMO Ailments such as Burning and Poison. New World Takes the variety one step further and provides potions that will increase your Resistances towards a specific type of Damage Called Defensive Boost Potions. 

  • WEAPON TINCTURES -  As the Counter Part to Defensive Boost Potions, New World also has an offensive Type of Brew Called Weapon Tinctures! Weapon Tinctures Will give you an Offensive Boost Lasting up to 5 minutes that will allow you to due Increased amounts of Damage to the Specific Types of Enemies in New World. 

-- redbyrd
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