How to obtain the Corruption's Bane in New World


Early in your adventures in Aeternum, you'll receive a quest calling you to put together a lost relic to aid in the fight against the corrupted.  This relic is named Corruption's Bane, a tool that will allow you to close Corrupted Breaches all over Aeternum. This is a multi-step quest, found in every settlement in new world at that  This quest will call you to Journey Across Aeternum to recover segments of the an ancient relic called Corruption's Bane The First Step in this quest, which appears as its own separate quest is called "Replenish The Azoth Vessel".

  • Every Item mentioned in this Quest is a 100% drop chance as long as you complete the task (search chests, kill mobs, etc)
  • Along your journey if you see fresh water or berries, pick them up!  You'll need 9 of each along your Journey

This part of the quest takes you to a Ancient Temple in Everfall named Arcturus to defeat Ancient's and search chest.  Once at Arcturus Here are the tasks you must complete to move on:
  • Defeat Ancient to obtain 18 Liquid Azoth  
  • Search chests to obtain 7 Charged Azoth
The Ancient Mobs in this are range between level 10 - 12.  Each mob killed will drop a Liquid Azoth.  There are a ton of chests located on every level of the temple and each one will drop a Charged Azoth.  Once this Step is completed you'll automatically get an update and move on to "Pirated Tools".

This step in the quest chain is also located in the Everfall region, located west of Arcturus (where you just were) in a place called Riverworn Grotto.  Mobs in this zone are between levels 11-13.  On this step, you will be:
  • Defeating 20 pirates 
  • Searching chests for 8 artificer tools
Once Completed the quest will ask you to return to the Artificer in Everfall to hand in the quest items. and move on to the next step, "Materia Slag." 

NOTE - While in town here, set your inn location as you will use it later on in the quest chain

This Step sends you to the Mines de Miclot in the North Part of the Monarch's Bluffs zone.  On this step, you will be Defeating Withered and Searching for Materia in chests.  Here are the specifics:
  • Defeat 20 Withered 
  • Search Chests for 10 Materia 
Once this step is completed you will Automatically get the next step in the quest chain called "Spark and Flame"

On your next mission Travel northwest to the coast by west of Corsair's RIse.  Here you need to search in Chests and Kill Mobs (Deja Vu anyone?) - There is a little jump in difficulty here as the mobs are level 13 -16 and you will need to search specific areas in Corsair's Rise to find all of the quest items.
  • find 2 Artificers tongs at Grey Mist (near western shore of Corsair's rise among ship wreckage)
  • find 2 Artificer Whetstone at The Dagger (northern shore of Corsairs rise both in a ship wreck)
  • Defeat 20 pirates at Traitor's Hold (Fortress on the Rocks)
  • Search chests for Artificer Crucibles at Traitor's Hold ( Fort on the rocks in middle of the zone)
After Completing all of these steps it will send you south to Artifcer Gomes in Monarchs Bluff who will give you "Ancient Runes"  At this point you can Use the Azoth you've earned to Teleport back to Everfall, which is closer to the Canary Mine's, your next destination

Once at the Canary Mines, which can be found North of Everfall, you will (you guessed it) search Chests and Killed level 15-16 Mobs.
  • Search For Azoth Staff in Runes
  • Kill Corruped in the Canary Mines to loot 15 Furnace Bellows
Once completed you will get another auto update and have to head over to the Canary Camp for  "Perfect Template"

This is a rather short step with more of the same objectives with level 15-16 mobs
  • Defeat 5 Corrupted at Canery Camp
  • Search Chests for Corrupted Inscriptions
Once Completed - Speak with Artificer Cotheran in Windsward he will give you the next update titled "Haft Material"

On this Quest step you will head SW from Windsward to Buccaneer Falls to complete objectives that now probably feels a glitch in the Matrix or a 1700's version of Ground Hogs Day - kill mobs and loot chests!
  • Search Chests for Azoth Gems
  • Defeat Pirates and Loot Azoth Infused Wood (level 15-16 mobs)
Once complete, you will automatically get the next link in the chain, "Hand Picked"

Head to the Marker South West in Letums Pick .  There you will complete the following objectives
  • Search for Chests for 5 Ancient Relics
  • Defeat 20 Corrupted
Once these objectives are complete you will get yet another Auto update and receive the quest "Focus Relics" which will send you East to Nyharts Anchorage

To complete this quest you will need to do what you now feel is your destiny to repeat Eternally :)
  • kill 30 pirates
  • Search Chests for 10 Focus Relics
Once completed you will be prompted to speak to Artificer Kim in First Light where you will get the Quest "Corruption Tinctures"

This step is rather simple and one of the easiest in the quest chain provided you have the materials.  Hopefully you remembered to pick up some water berries a long the way(if not check the Auction house) cause for this step you'll need 9 water and 9 berries to craft 3 Distilled Corruption Tinctures.  Once this step is complete you will get an Automatic update to the Quest Chain called "Old Acquaintance"

As a change of Pace, this one leads you to a Corrupted Monalith on the edge Monarchs Bluff to meet up with an old Friend.  The objectives for this quest are:
  • Kill 8 Corrupted Swarmers (level 18)
  • Defeat Captain Thorpe
All though this may seem like the last step in this LONG quest chain, ( I know I did) its not.  Once these objectives are complete you will get an automatic update named "Ornate Crook Fragments"

This is another decent jump in difficulty as the mobs are level 20 - 22 Ornate Crook Fragments directs you North East to a zone called Noblereach.  In this Zone you will need to:
  • Destroy 30 Ancients
  • Search Chests for Crook Fragments at Amrine Temple
Once complete, go talk to Artificer Cotheran in Windsward for the FINAL hand in of the quest.  And there you have it, The Corruptions bane!  Youi will now be able to aid Aeternum in the war agains the corrupted and close Corrupted Breaches!
-- redbyrd