New World API Documentation

We want to support developers, admins and guilds who are trying to build tools, websites, bots or webhooks for the greater New World community. For this purpose we are opening up most of the tools and data from the NewWorldFans website through our own API.

Note: This is our fansite API and it's not directly connected to anything related to the game or Amazon's systems. We currently don't know if Amazon will offer an API for New World, but if they do we will integrate it, too.

If you wish to use this API, please place a link to our website with a note mentioning this documentation. Other than this the API is totally free to use with no restrictions.

If you need help, reach out on Discord.

Dev Tracker API

This endpoint opens up the dev posts that we aggregrate on our New World Dev Tracker.


Optional Params:
  • page: int
  • source: string ("twitter", "reddit", "website-news")

Example Request:

  • dev_posts: Array
    • id: int
    • source: string
    • developer_name: string
    • title: string
    • content: string
    • posted_at: string - datetime of the original post ate
    • created_at: string - datetime of the devtracker import
    • updated_at: string
    • source_id: string - a unique ID for the source object
    • source_url: string
    • category: string - (optional: category, for example website news category such as "Dev Diaries")
    • image_url: string - (optional: teaser image)
    • parent_content: string - (optional: text of the quoted parent object)
    • dev_tracker_url: string - URL of the dev post entry on the dev tracker page
  • meta:
    • total: int - total dev posts found
    • pages: int - total number of result pages