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New World Equipment & Consumables

In this guide, we will go over Everything you need to know about New World Equipment and Consumables

Our DevTracker and Discord bot are live!

Over the weekend we've brought two new features live: Our very own devtracker and a discord bot to go with it!

Both are still very much in "beta", but are already usable.

Our devtracker so far aggregates posts from the official New World Twitter account. We'll soon add other communities to it, such as Facebook or forums, whenever they become available for the public.

And to make it easier for you to get the latest news and dev posts, we've also developed and published a Discord bot! If you add our bot to your server, you can set a channel where it will let you know as soon as anything of interest has been posted by the devs or on our website.

Feel free to hop on our Discord to leave some feedback or if you need help setting up the bot. 

New World Status Update from Twitter

The official New World Twitter account tweeted in response to fan questions, confirming once again that they are still working on the game and that development is not affected by their LOTR MMO.

Hello, We are still very much alive and working hard to build new features and content based on all the great feedback we received during our Alpha Test. We have been radio silent until we have exciting new things to share, rather than build a bunch of hype fatigue. (source)

New World and the announced LOTR MMO will both be made in the same studio, but by separate teams. It will not draw resources from New World's development. (source)

Sounds like we still have to wait a bit longer for more concrete news about the game.

Welcome to NewWorldFans!

We're still hard at work setting up the website - just like AGS is on the game!

You will already be able to find the latest news for New World here, whenever we hear something. When the game launches we will provide you with up-to-date guides and tools. If you want to be part of the testing phases once Alpha and Beta resume, head over to and sign up!

Please pardon the dust in the meantime and make sure to check back soon!