New World Game Play Footage

In this Video, we break down the recently featured New World Game Play Video by MeinMMO trying to find new details about the upcoming New World MMO.

The Armory Series Continues with Muskets!

New World's Twitter account continues to put out more information about the weapons you'll find in Aeternum.  This week they are focusing on the musket!  For more on the Armory Series check out the @playnewworld account on twitter.  If you want up to the minute updates from the Developers, don't forget to Sign up for the Dev Tracker!  The Armory Series has also covered the Sword and Shield, as well as the 2 handed Hammer.

In other news, Episode 24 of the New World To Go Podcast is available now!  The recent episode covers New World Combat and Game Play!  The Podcast is also available on Apple Podcasts and anywhere you can download podcast!

New World Dev Diary 5 released and SteelBook Edition Announcment

New World released it's 5th Dev Diary today, covering the different paths to character progression players can expect to find in New World. 

We also received our first official look at the Steelbook Edition of New World via the New World twitter account that features a Collector's Map of Aeternum!

For More News and New World content, Don't forget to check out this weeks Episode of New World to Go - Available for Download on all podcasting Platforms!  This weeks Episode Covers IGN New World PVP Siege Coverage as well as the Crafting Progression System.

Also make sure to check out our new guide about Equipment & Consumables in New World!

New World Siege Gameplay from IGN Summer of Gaming

New World was part of the IGN Summer of Gaming event today and was featured in length with a video showing siege gameplay and an interview with the devs.

There is also an interview with David Verfaillie and Mike Wilette where they talk about war in New World. It also contains more gameplay footage of siege PvP New World.