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New World Equipment & Consumables

In this guide, we will go over Everything you need to know about New World Equipment and Consumables

Alpha Key Giveaways, New World To Go Podcast discusses Invasions

The New World To Go podcast has published their 14th episode and this week it's all about Corrupted Invasions. Check out their latest VOD or listen to it on their website or your favorite podcast platform.

New World Alpha Key Giveaway on Twitter

The New World team has announced their alpha key giveaway in a series of tweets, and the German Twitter account has already started their first contest (with the English account following suit later today). If you want to participate, follow them on Twitter and reply to this tweet with the "#NewWorldAlphaDE" hash tag. Winners will be contacted through Twitter DM on Friday.

The French Twitter account has also started their own giveaway and you can enter it by following them and replying to this tweet with the hash tag "#NewWorldAlphaFR".

Update: The official English account has now started their giveaway, too. Follow, like and comment on this tweet with "#giveaway" and "#NewWorldWednesday".

There will be a new giveaway every Wednesday from now on - and at the same time they are still sending out keys to fans who signed up through the website or pre-ordered the game.

Keep an eye on our dev tracker or join us on Discord for notifications!

Dev Diary Incoming

We're also getting a new dev diary at the end of the month, according to this post by Legion on Reddit, although the topic has not been revealed yet.

Discord Bot & Website Updates

After the recent announcement of New World's delay, the official Twitter account has gone into a frenzy answering questions about the delay, the new beta date and how to get into alpha. They've even started giving away alpha keys on Twitter - so if you're looking for one of those, make sure to follow them.

Discord Bot Improvements

If you are running our Discord Bot you may have found the notifications for these Twitter replies a bit spammy, so now you can filter them out! "!NewWorldBot twitter_replies" will let Discord admins enable or disable them, so you can choose if you want to see everything or only important updates. This setting does not affect Reddit or website news.

There are also two new settings to toggle tracking Twitter and Reddit, so you can filter those sources out completely: "!NewWorldBot twitter" and "!NewWorldBot reddit".

Because the bot can run in multiple channels, this allows you to set up one channel with only the important news and one channel with every single dev reply. 

By the way, the bot is now being used on over 270 servers, far exceeding expectations at this stage! Thanks a lot for giving it a try and please reach out if you have any ideas for improvements.

Company Index Overhaul

This was actually completed some time ago but we haven't really announced it yet: If you are the creator of a company listing on our website you can now choose to promote your company on the front page and through better placement in the search results. This is a paid feature! The reasoning behind this can be found on our brand new Patreon page. Please make sure to read this before deciding to request this feature so you know how it works.

We've also added factions as an option for your company, overhauled the look of the company index and streamlined the creation process a little bit. If you want to update your listing you can do so by logging in on the account that created it. 

Please contact Takyn#0001 on Discord if you need help with either of these features.

New World Release Delayed

The New World team just announced their decision to delay New World - both beta and release - to later this summer.

The beta will start in July, the new release date is August 25th 2020.

Read the details on the official website, including a video message from Game Director Scot Lane.

Invasion Dev Blog

The latest dev blog is out and this time it's all about Invasions! These are large-scale events in which players have to defend a settlement against hordes of Corrupted.

Invasions are open to anyone above level 50, but you have to sign up for it and hope to get picked at random before the event starts. Only 50 players can participate, with 10 of them being chosen by the governor of the territory.

Invasions happen when the Corruption becomes too strong in a territory - roughly every 4 days - at which point the Corrupted will siege the fort. If the fort falls, the settlement loses upgrades such as crafting stations or fort upgrades.

During the invasion you will face 8 waves of Corrupted with different skills and even boss encounters. Players will have to prevent them from breaching the gates and destroying the fort claim. To do this, they will be able to use a number of items that they can buy with battle tokens during the preparation phase of the siege as well as the fort's siege weapons.

There are rewards in the form of experience, gold and loot, depending on how many waves players managed to defeat.

Head over to the official website to read the details! We've also updated our New World guide with the latest info.