Invasion Dev Blog

The latest dev blog is out and this time it's all about Invasions! These are large-scale events in which players have to defend a settlement against hordes of Corrupted.

Invasions are open to anyone above level 50, but you have to sign up for it and hope to get picked at random before the event starts. Only 50 players can participate, with 10 of them being chosen by the governor of the territory.

Invasions happen when the Corruption becomes too strong in a territory - roughly every 4 days - at which point the Corrupted will siege the fort. If the fort falls, the settlement loses upgrades such as crafting stations or fort upgrades.

During the invasion you will face 8 waves of Corrupted with different skills and even boss encounters. Players will have to prevent them from breaching the gates and destroying the fort claim. To do this, they will be able to use a number of items that they can buy with battle tokens during the preparation phase of the siege as well as the fort's siege weapons.

There are rewards in the form of experience, gold and loot, depending on how many waves players managed to defeat.

Head over to the official website to read the details! We've also updated our New World guide with the latest info.

State of the Game & Combat Gameplay

The New World team just published their latest video diary and it's all about combat! There is a lot of gameplay footage featuring PvE and PvP encounters and a lot of different weapons. We even get to see the rapier and pistol in action, as well as more magic with the fire staff.

We have also gotten an update on the state of the game by Game Director Scot Lane. It sounds like alpha is going well and that there will be at least one more major update before beta next month.

Hello New World Adventurers!

We’ve been live with our latest Alpha for over a month now and it feels like the right time to send a letter to the community. We’ve learned a lot and we wanted to take a moment to update you on the state of New World’s Alpha and give you some insight to our future plans.

Thanks to all the Alpha players, you’ve helped us a ton! The feedback on new features has been awesome and players have helped us find bugs and new design opportunities that we wouldn’t have pursued otherwise. Special kudos to Striker who found a way to claim territories outside the play space and to Doctor Dankmeme for finding the infinite coin exploit and to all of you for submitting so many crazy bugs!

On March 5th, we released a major game update called “Factions at War” which introduces compelling new PvP experiences that we believe to be core to our game.  Players will now have more control over the actions leading into Company vs. Company War by completing missions that require PvP flagging as opposed to simply declaring war with Coin. This puts more power in the hands of the players as opposed to Company leaders and creates a fun race between the Factions along the way to War.

These new features bring us closer to our original vision for New World. For us, New World is always centered on the following core principles:
  • A massive supernatural world that actively confronts the players that attempt to conquer it.
  • Skill-based combat that is tactical and deep at any scale.
  • Progression systems that foster player agency.
  • Intersecting games systems (crafting, gathering, killing the Corrupted, etc.) that allow all players to contribute to group goals.
  • Territory conquest and control systems that allow players to create and manage player-driven governments.

As we work toward finishing the launch features, we’ve been listening intently to the feedback around the balance between PvP and PvE. Our vision is to create a world where the playstyles of PvP and PvE players will not only coexist, but will complement each other.  We know this can be a challenging balance to strike, but we will iterate on our game design until we accomplish it.

We want PvP players to benefit from the work of PvE players and vice versa. We’ve been building systems to support this; Factions, Crafting, Town Projects, Town Progression, War, Corrupted Breaches, Influence, Missions, and soon Invasions. These different play styles will complement each other and enable players to get better gear, deal with problems in the game, accomplish missions and grow their characters, territories, and skills together.

Some of the key motivations for PvP are better rewards, controlling space, dominating others, and high stakes gameplay. Our new features (Influence Race, coin rewards for PvP, and PvP damage scaling) are getting closer to reflecting the higher risks in PvP with better rewards which should have the effect of allowing players to show their PvP dominance as well as draw in more PvE players willing to take on the heightened stakes in pursuit of those rewards. We have some feature expression around controlling space that we’ll watch to see that it is appropriately rewarding and make adjustments if not.

In addition to balancing PvE and PvP, we’ve been working feverishly to create a seamless Open World MMO with a mix of sandbox and directed style gameplay. We wanted players to have quests as an option to level and explore, but not be required to do them. We are not trying to build a Theme Park MMO. So far, the results have been good. Our first player to reach level 60, Gilden, did only 38 missions along the way, while our second player to hit 60, Nuko Miko did over 700 missions.

Part of being focused on our players means we listen closely to what they tell us, both through their feedback and their playing. We study many types of player data, play in the Alpha with you a lot, are always listening to chat, talking to players, and reviewing the surveys. We use all of this to help us refine our game, and determine which features to prioritize and what balance modifications we need to make. All of this while staying within our core vision, to build a seamless open world MMO with a mixture of directed and sandbox gameplay with balanced PvP and PvE play. This has helped us to balance TtK (Time to Kill), refine damage scaling for PvP (spoiler, this is coming next release), re-balance equipment load, and improve quests by keeping the goals closer to home.

Game development is all about listening to feedback and iterating. The best way to iterate is to find the limits, which means often pushing past those limits. Players let us know that our initial implementation of open world full loot PvP last year was too punishing. We believe the Factions at War release is getting close to the right balance of PvPvE. We are seeing this work through Town Projects and Faction Missions and we expect the Influence Race (PvP Missions) will entice some PvE players to dip their toes into the PvP pool.

I’ve seen the discussions and want to be transparent and clear that we have no plans to bring back open world full loot PvP. The vision is a world where PvP and PvE players can coexist and complement each other, which could not be achieved with full loot open world PvP. We will continue pursuing our vision, adding features and content aligned to our pillars and we are excited to embark on this path together!

Before wrapping up, I thought it would be fun to share a couple server stats. Starwater crafted over 50000 T1 swords and we were convinced he found a cheat but when we dug in, it was above board, #impressive. We have a tight race for most total kills on the Aeternum with LordDankness carrying a narrow lead over Michael Wysefoot and Roger, all with over 14000 kills.

Thanks for your continued support leading toward our launch. We have another big content beat before Closed Beta where the world will get much bigger, we’ll add more Magic, more Quests, and Corrupted Invasions! If you haven’t signed up yet for a chance to be randomly selected, you can do that here. I hope to see you in the Alpha!

Scot Lane

Game Director, New World

New World Hands-On Previews and Gameplay Round-Up

Earlier this year, AGS invited a few of the large gaming press to their Irvine studio for a hands-on preview of the latest version of New World. Today their embargo was lifted and so we're hit with a round of articles with juicy new details about the current state of the game.

Make sure to read the articles, there is also a video showing some of the new gameplay (although in German). Here's a quick summary of some important details:

  • The combat is cited as the strong point of the game, with its Dark Souls influence and being engaging in both PvE and PvP.
  • The new quests and PvE elements are described as cookie-cutter and lifeless, uninspired, and unoriginal.
  • You level up through XP and can increase your attributes as you level.
  • You level up weapon masteries separately through usage and unlock more skills.
  • You can unlock three quick-swap weapon slots.
  • There are quest NPCs (with exclamation marks above their heads), but only a few quests exist so far to get you accustomed to the game. There are more quests through town projects once you make it to a settlement.
  • The three factions are the Marauders (militaristic faction), the Syndicate (secretive), and the Covenant (religious themed). These factions offer missions for gear and other rewards.
  • During a siege, the attackers have to capture and hold several objectives at multiple stages to make it into the fort and conquer it.
  • Progression systems in New World are Weapon Mastery, Trade Skills, Faction Reputation, Territory Standing, and the "PVP Elder Game".
  • Weapon Mastery improves through usage of a particular weapon and there are 30 skills to unlock for each weapon.
  • There are more than a dozen different tradeskills.
  • Faction and territory standing is gained by simple playing the game in a particular area and unlocks rewards specific to that location (additional XP in that territory, reduced trade tax, etc).
  • There are no mounts or naval battle but both might be added in the future of players want it.
  • You can purchase a house at level 20 and another at level 40 and 60.
  • They are aiming for 1000-2000 players per server at launch.
  • The economy is entirely player-driven.

- PCGamer

Gameplay video (German):

We'll update this post as we find more articles, and our New World Overview will also be updated with the new info later today!

New World PvP Details

The New World team just released the much-anticipated blog post and a video Q&A with details about PvP. Here is a quick overview of the main changes and additions since the original alpha closed down.

- PvP is still a focus of the game, but only fair, consensual, organized and skill-based fights, not the type of griefing and player-killing that they saw in alpha.
- There won't be PvP-only servers.
- The criminal system is gone.
- PvP is mainly done via faction-flagging or company-warfare and supposed to be "extremely rewarding".
- Wars will take place in a 50-vs-50 "protected battlefield", preventing non-participants from engaging.
- You don't lose items in your personal housing storage if you lose a war.
- Forts and siege warfare will be detailed in a later post, but were described as follows:

During the battle there are two sides, attackers and defenders. Defenders will protect their claim flag which sits in the center of their Fort. The Fort is equipped with storage, crafting stations, and upgradeable wall defenses. The Attackers will earn points during battle to upgrade and build siege weapons and towers. The War ends if the Attackers are able to break through the gates and claim the flag, or if time expires. During the course of the battle both sides can earn points to spend on upgrades and gear.

- Players wanted more PvE, solo content and directed activities. The main focus has been on appeasing those players by adding more points of interest on the map, making PvE encounters more complex and improved PvE loot.
- PvE bosses have been added but dungeons and raids are not currently in the game in the form you would expect from other MMOs.
- The game now leans more towards PvE.
- On the PvP side, the main goal was to avoid high-level players ganking lower levels.
- After reaching level 10 you can join a faction and opt-in to open world PvP, which grants certain rewards such as increased experience gain.
- You can completely avoid PvP if you want.
- You don't lose any loot if you get killed in PvP.

Watch the video Q&A: