Exclusive Preview: Amrine Excavation Dungeon

Last week Amazon Game Studios held an invite-only event for press and content creators. Two of our team members were among the invited and had the chance to play through New World's first dungeon: the Amrine Excavation.

April Update: PvP Vision, Faction and Territory Updates

The April Update has been released and with it a host of new features, like the ice gauntlet, open world territory control points, faction bonuses, two new expeditions, and achievements.

ICE Gauntlet in New World

New World recently published a tweet confirming that ICE magic is making it's way into Aeternum

New World Lore Spotlight - The Stevens Expedition

The Stevens Expedition is about a group of 3 adventurers who set out to investigate the mysterious obelisks...

New World Expedition Update

New World releases new information about Expedition Update

New World EU Alpha Server Launching Today

The New World EU server is launching today and invites are going out NOW

New World Questing Update

New World Updates Quest Design

New World's March Patch Notes

March New World Alpha Patch Notes Released!

Tales from Aeternum: The Story of Exile

New World releases new lore of Ebonscale Reach and Empress Zhou

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