Lore Spotlight - The REAL Ancients of New World?

The skeletons roaming the land of Aeternum are said to be Ancient Guardians, but are these Ancient Guardians actually Ancients?

New World Lore Spotlight - Heron’s Field Notes

Heron's Field Notes is a piece of New World Lore that tells the story about a researcher in Aeternum trying to discover the secrets of the Ancient Guardians....

New World Lore Spotlight - Averham’s Research

Averham's Research is a story of two researchers trying to figure out the mystery of Azoth and the Corruption in Aeternum. We get a glimpse at....

New World Armor Guide

Amor in Amazon’s New World MMORPG plays a huge role in how your overall character functions in the game. It doesn’t just provide mitigations, but also determines how agile or slow your character becomes during combat.

Soulsprouts: The Most Valuable Resource in New World?

Why Soul Sprouts are one of the most valuable Resource in New World and where to find them!

New World Fire Staff Guide

Everything you need to about the Fire Staff in New World

New World Storage System (Bank)

Banking in New World comes in the form of a personal storage unit located in each Settlement. You can find the storage locations by....

Territory Standing in New World

The New World MMO map is divided into multiple zones or territories. As you complete quests, kill enemies, and craft items within a certain territory you will gain standing experience within that zone.

How to Fast Travel in New World

The first option is by traveling to a settlement (not a fort), and visiting the Inn. Once you visit the...

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