New World Questing Update

New World Updates Quest Design

New World's March Patch Notes

March New World Alpha Patch Notes Released!

Tales from Aeternum: The Story of Exile

New World releases new lore of Ebonscale Reach and Empress Zhou

New World Release Date Revealed!

New World confirmed Release date and New game features

January Update - Honing the Craft

The January alpha update is out, with major changes to gathering and crafting, as well as more changes to combat and a new weapon: the Rapier.

December Alpha Update: Forge & Fury

The New World Alpha just got their monthly update and the patch notes have been released publicly, so that even if you are not currently testing the game, you can follow along with the development progress. The highlights: the Great Axe has been added as a new (or returning) weapon, along with the Tower Shield and the long-awaited PvP duel feature.

Tanking & Healing in New World

Along with the recent Reekwater update, the New World team also released more information about tanking and healing in New World

Community Round-Up: Reekwater Preview Event

Yesterday a number of content creators from around the New World community posted their impressions of the new Reekwater zone and Fishing profession. If you've missed it, here is a round-up of all the videos we've found so far.

Patch Notes: November Update, Reekwater, Fishing & Combat Updates

Reekwater and the new Fishing profession were already revealed yesterday in the content creator preview. Today AGS has released the patch notes for this update, which should be hitting the alpha servers today.

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