Exclusive Preview: Amrine Excavation Dungeon

Last week Amazon Game Studios held an invite-only event for press and content creators. Two of our team members were among the invited and had the chance to play through New World's first dungeon: the Amrine Excavation.

Amrine Excavation - Expedition Guide

An exclusive guide to the Amrine Excavation Expedition - learn about the boss encounters, strategies, loot and puzzles.

Lore Spotlight - The REAL Ancients of New World?

The skeletons roaming the land of Aeternum are said to be Ancient Guardians, but are these Ancient Guardians actually Ancients?

New World Lore Spotlight - Heron’s Field Notes

Heron's Field Notes is a piece of New World Lore that tells the story about a researcher in Aeternum trying to discover the secrets of the Ancient Guardians....

April Update: PvP Vision, Faction and Territory Updates

The April Update has been released and with it a host of new features, like the ice gauntlet, open world territory control points, faction bonuses, two new expeditions, and achievements.

New World Lore Spotlight - Averham’s Research

Averham's Research is a story of two researchers trying to figure out the mystery of Azoth and the Corruption in Aeternum. We get a glimpse at....

ICE Gauntlet in New World

New World recently published a tweet confirming that ICE magic is making it's way into Aeternum

New World Lore Spotlight - The Stevens Expedition

The Stevens Expedition is about a group of 3 adventurers who set out to investigate the mysterious obelisks...

New World Expedition Update

New World releases new information about Expedition Update

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