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New World Ultimate Beginner Guide

Everything you need to know to prepare yourself for the New World preview event in one, large guide. The perfect starting place for new players.

New World Alpha Starting Again, Patch Notes & Spear Details

AGS just announced on Twitter and on the official website that the first wave of testers for the new Alpha phase will be invited today!

Make sure to sign up for a chance to be invited. We can expect more invite waves going out on a weekly basis.

The team also announced that they will post patch notes publicly to keep everyone updated on the progress. The alpha itself will be under NDA however. The first patch notes confirm the Spear and bring changes to weapon balance in the form of nerfs for the Hatchet, Life Staff's "Speed of Light", and backstab attacks. New features include a threat system and legendary crafting, along with a gear requirements revamp. Read the full patch notes below:

In the spirit of transparency we are committing to publicly sharing a version of our Alpha release notes moving forward. These notes will highlight the newest changes and content coming to New World. This is the first of many updates that will come to the game during Alpha, check them out below!

  • Spear - New melee weapon offering both long distance pierce damage and some ranged capabilities:
    • Scales primarily on Dexterity but also benefits from Strength
    • Zoner Skill Tree
      • Specializes in keeping enemies at a distance and throwing spears from range
    • Impaler Skill Tree
      • Specializes closing the gap and quicker attacks that impart status effects
    • New quest line for Legendary Spear (Heavensplitter)
  • Per weapon cooldowns - Provides more options in combat and makes weapons selection even more valuable:
    • Each weapon will now have independent cooldowns, meaning you can use all 3 abilities on your hatchet and then switch to your warhammer and use all three of its abilities.
    • Weapon switching is sped up enabling you to more easily switch between weapons and create combos between them.
  • You can now dodge roll without stamina after being stuck in multiple consecutive reactions.
  • Abilities interrupted or canceled before the active frames of the attack will no longer be on cooldown.

  • Hatchet
    • Berserk reduced to 10 seconds
    • Berserking Endurance reduced to 2 seconds
    • Cull the Weak changed to Heavy attack
    • Rejuvenating Kills reduced to 5%
    • Relentless Fury reduced to 5%
    • Reduced homing on 2nd and 3rd light attacks
  • Life Staff
    • Decreased speed of light distance by 50% and increased cooldown to 25 seconds
    • Fixed healing abilitites not providing mastery experience
  • Backstab Adjustments
    • Any melee attack that hits an enemy's bacl now gets baclstab damage bonus
    • All melee weapons currently have a 1.3x backstab damage bonus (Note this will be tuned per weapon in the future)
    • Backstabs no longer cause knockdowns

  • Housing will now display the following:
    • Decoration score
    • Number of items you have placed
    • Maximum count on the decoration UI


  • New Threat System (Part 1) - Adjustments to make enemy targes more understandable and controllable:
    • Introduced a new threat system where a single threaat value is calculated per player. Higher threat greatly increases the chance to be selected as the enemy's target.
    • Created logic for how threat is calculated. Currently damage and threat perks are the main determined, but expect specific attacks to add / remove threat in the future.
    • Note: Healing does yet affect threat generation (this will change for Life Staff users soon).

  • Progression Changes - Reduced the speed of leveling and increase the relative value of questing XP .
    • Reduced the XP players get from Corrupted Breaches
    • Reduced the XP players get from killing creatures
    • Reduced the Weapon Mastery XP required to level up weapons by 25%, to compensate for the lower XP from killin creatures
    • Reduced delivery missions XP & rewards
  • Attribute Changes - Increased the attribute pool to add a meaningful amount to gear and introduce diminishing returns to increase build variety:
    • Increased the amount of attribute points you get from leveling
    • Added attribute points to gear
    • Adjusted focus attribute to be the primary scalar for Life Staff, it no longer affects cool down rate.
      • Note: Our long-term goal is to have Focus be the attribute for healers / support characters, while Intelligence becomes the attribute for damage dealers / mages.
    • Gems no longer give attributes but instead provide elemental damage for weapons and family banes for amor
    • Diminishing returns were added to all attributes.


  • Adjusted level requirements and rarity mapping for gear, in preparation for a strong end-game gear chase:
    • Gear now has a specific level requirement (previously all gear from a tier was available at a single level threshold):
      • The level requirement of a piece of gear is based on its great score
      • Higher rarity gear has a lower level requirement than lower rarity gear with the same gear score (making rarity even more valuable)
    • Rarity mapping change so that legendary gear can now be crafted and dropped from the world.

  • 16 new perks added to the game:
    • 9 perks that will reduce the weight of specific classes of items. For example Gourmand's Burden will reduce weight of raw and cooked food
    • 7 perks that will affect threat generation

New World Teases Next Phase of Testing and New Features!

Today, New World posted an official thank you to the community and all of the time they spend in Aeternum during the Preview Event!  They also included some significant information related to New World's future including what month testing would resume and some of the features they are working on for launch.  They Announced that the next phase of testing would be in November of this year, stating that this would be "your" chance continue helping test and develop New World!  Prior to this phase of testing, they noted that they would be working on " adding more in the areas of game modes, land mass, AI variety, additional weapon types, quest variety, and more."  They also stated in this article that they would "continue pushing in this direction until we feel we have the right amount of content and polish for the great launch our players deserve."  staying away from any hints of a potential launch date

For more on these topics, check out the next episode of New World To Go available for download Monday (9/7/2020) on every podcast platform.  Here's the VOD from the latest Episode we're we go over our take away's on the Preview Event and the current state of New World!

Discord Bot Update: Item and Quest Search

The Discord Bot has been updated and can now link items and quests from our database.

These commands can be used by anyone in chat, as long as the bot has permissions to send embeds in that channel.

Item Search

You can use the following command to search for a specific item by name:
  • !NewWorldBot item:heartseeker
Or you can filter the results by tier:
  • !NewWorldBot item:trick of the mind:4
Or if you just want to explore the database, you can find a random item:
  • !NewWorldBot item:random

Quest Search

Similar to items, you can find any quest by name and find out the rewards, quest NPC details and lore, locations, or find a random quest:
  • !NewWorldBot quest:shadowslayer
  • !NewWorldBot quest:random

We will be adding more details to the results over time and also provide more options and filters for searching. We will also add these features to the Twitch bot soon. Meanwhile you can find all of these items in the New World Database.

Happy New World Preview Event Day!

Happy New World Preview Event Day from everyone here at New World Fans!  As you continue to enjoy your adventures in Aeternum, don't forget to continue to check back here for new guides and articles to help along your journey as well be posting new content daily as the New World Preview event continues!

Also, Don't forget to check out the latest version of New World to GO, a New World Podcast, where we dive into the preview event and How important Open World Bosses are to New World.  New World to GO is available on all podcasting platforms found here - at Studio Loot
and over on our new Youtube channel!